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Uh, I think I feel sick…

When I’m writing that we’ve shakey sailing, it looks something like this. Enjoy (that you’re not on bord).

The kids of course don’t even think about the movement. They are looking a book about fishing while waiting for someone to cook dinner. Hehehe.

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The Rancho Relaxo of the Seas running ultra high speed

We’ve never been this fast. 157 nautical miles in one day ! Here’s the video:

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Our second trip in the Atlantic

The start is always a little hard, so I’ll help myself with a few numbers:

We’ve sailed from Sines in Portugal to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote which is 565nm and it took us a little less than five days to get there. Our daily trips were: 119, 135, 157 (!!) and 128 nautical miles. The 157nm on friday were a new record. While I’m writing this, I’m uploading a video to Youtube showing how that looks like.

What else does one do while cruising five days out on the sea ? Well, HOLD ON. – permanently !! Hehehe. We’ve also been fishing although quite unsuccessful. We’re doing 3-hour shifts, we cook, despite the rythmic movement of our home, and we do no sailing manoevers. No really: in the first two days we didn’t touch a line or a sail. Hehehe. We read book, try to capture pictures of waves (impossible !), we use our solar shower or put a bucket of saltwater over our heads. – All the typical things one does when out on sea… or ?

In the marina Rubicón we’ve been welcomed by our friends Markus and Hille and parked the Rancho Relaxo to the jetty to immediately flee from the ship and jump into the marina’s own pool. After a late dinner we had 14 hours of sleep and then… The same: Immediately to the pool. Also a little trip over the island with the car and tomorrow I’ll try to fix the broken boom of our ship. But that will also have it’s own blog entry.

Well and even if I should have said during the trip that I don’t give a sh.. about all the cool sailing and that I don’t care seeing the Carribean if the way towards it is THAT shakey…. After a day on the beach everything is forgotten and I can’t wait to go out to sea again. Gui says this very moment: “Yes – it is the crazy moments that make the whole trip really good.” (Or someting like that – difficult to translate. ;-)

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