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Dates and numbers on the last trip

This is a post for the sailing nerds – so to say. I like to look at the numbers and as this was our fastest trip of the last three years it’s even more fun.

Crossing the Landsdowne BankApproaching Brisbane (the distance from the lighthouse to the river entrance is about 40nm)Tacking, tacking, tacking. Against 25knots. *rrr*And under engine up the river - at night.

Ok here comes: From Tanna, around NewCal towards Brisbane we travelled a total of 1238nm and it took us 219 hours to do that. This gives an awesome average speed of 5,70 knots ! Top speed (with a wave pushing from behind) was 9.9kn. The daily logs (24hours from noon to noon) were: 141, 144, 150, 126, 136, 142, 125, 130 and 123nm.

Lovely ripple cloudsA tanker passingInto the wind. Always into the wind...3rd reef

The wind on average came from SE with a force of 5. Minimum of S2 and maximum of S9 (measured: 42 knots). We never met more ships than on this trip. Out on the open ocean we met two fishing vessels, two tankers and one cruise ship. And during the approach to Brisbane we met another six ships. The drive up the river was a whole different story. We that we have stayed on tropical islands for these last years and never saw a real city… now suddenly we have to navigate a river with speed ferries zomming in and out, hundereds of ships anchored everywhere, buoys, moorings, jetties…. a lot of current. And everything is so bright ! And the eyes as well as the skipper who hasn’t slept the last 48 hours are a bit overwhelmed… But everything goes well, we find a nice spot to anchor and sleep the best sleep ever. The one of sailors who arrive in a safe harbour after a rough trip.

Oh. And I’ve got a little video too. It’s a bit boring but sailors might enjoy it anyways…

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Storm sailing – the video

Just a very short clip made during the front that hit us on the way to Tonga:

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Underwater damage, a movie

A few days after our accident, I tried to capture the damages on film. You can’t see much unless you pause the movie a lot of times, I guess. But anyway, here it is.

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A fresh breeze brings fresh thoughts

To escape the depressing life on a shipwreck and the endless ToDo-lists, we had a visit to the blowhole on the east side of Tahiti some days ago. Here’s a short clip. Enjoy.

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The big splash – she’s in the water again

As I personally couldn’t take part of the rescue operation, I concentrated on documenting this incredible undertaking. The outcome: 830 pictures and 13 HD videos. Because internet here is way too slow to upload a lot, here’s a small snippet of the big moment:

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The passage through the Panama Canal – timelapse

Better late than never. I finally found the time to put together this little movie of our canal passage. We had the GoPro mounted on the wind generator and it made about 1400 pictures during our passage. Now I’ve put them together as a little movie. Enjoy:

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For Wendy, our windsteering

A little boring for non-sailors. But we had to upload a video showing our most hardworking crewmember: Wendy, our Windpilot. She keeps the Rancho Relaxo of the Seas on course, while the laziest crew of the world is lying in the shadow. Well – that’s for you, Wendy:

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A view of the Carlisle Bay from the top of the mast

Yeah ! Today I’m really motivated. The internet connection is good and so here comes the next batch of photos:

A little view around the anchorage. The beach, our lovely neighbour-friends, etc. And the captain who removes his Atlantic-beard. Sad – but with that much hair in the face it’s impossible to go diving. So the sacrifice had to be made and now the Rancho Relaxo is with a skipper who’s white in the face. Hehehe.

And especially for you: A video of the captain climbing the mast to get you a nice view of our surroundings. Beautiful – isn’t it ?

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Snorkeling at the anchorage

Finally I’ve found some time to write about Barbados. I thought I’m gonna start with a little snorkeling tour. Yesterday the LosLocos picked up Tim at the SY Kira and we took the dinghy to drive about half  a mile to the other side of the bay.

There are three wrecks in very shallow water. Plenty of fish but unfortunately the sight was quite bad. Well, enjoy the videos:

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Our Christmas storm

A few pics and two short videos from our christmas storm on the 25th of December 2011.

The storm started at 0900UTC from a flat calm and increased to 8-9 Beaufort. It stayed like this for approximately five hours. The sea got really bad after a few hours and we had to steer by hand most of the time. We were carried north for about 30 miles while riding in front of the wind. After that the wind almost immediately fell to a calm again and we were left in a confuse sea for a couple of hours. Next day the tradewind was back with a steady force six that lasted until we arrived in Barbados.

Mit Actionvideo:

Und noch ein kleiner Clip:

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Baking bread on the Atlantic

A short clip showing Wolfgang while preparing to bake bread. Cooking is quite funny while sailing in a force six wind. Hehe.

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Even more Dolphins !

On our way from Lanzarote to Teneriffe we had something in between 30 and 50 Dolphins circling and playing around the Rancho Relaxo of the Seas. I’ve made another underwater video as well as one from above. Enjoy:

First the dolphins from above:

And the new underwater video:

…sorry for the dalayed post but it took me a couple of tries and endless hours to upload the video.

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Dolphins leading the Rancho Relaxo towards Lanzarote

An nice littele Dolphin video. I’m really sorry that the camera was not ready (or I’m just too slow) but the video is really quite short. But nice water quality anyway. See for yourself:

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Uh, I think I feel sick…

When I’m writing that we’ve shakey sailing, it looks something like this. Enjoy (that you’re not on bord).

The kids of course don’t even think about the movement. They are looking a book about fishing while waiting for someone to cook dinner. Hehehe.

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The Rancho Relaxo of the Seas running ultra high speed

We’ve never been this fast. 157 nautical miles in one day ! Here’s the video:

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The Rancho Relaxo races around Cabo Raso

A short clip showing the Rancho Relaxo of the Seas in her element: racing downwind with 5-6 Beaufort while going 7-8 knots. That truly was a wonderful trip !

…and up the Rio Tejo towards Lisboa:

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School starts on bord the Rancho Relaxo

This is actually one week old. – The first minutes of bord school with Bruno, Viola and Gui. Enjoy !

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Dolphins – the (promised) video

On the way from Spain to Portugal once more Dolphins payed us a visit. And this time I got our GoPro cam mounted on the boat hook and tried to film them while they were playing around the ship. The video is a little short as I didn’t know whether it would work at all and also we were going quite fast and it was difficult to not loose the boat hook… Enjoy.

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Rancho Relaxo – the Video (of the Solent)

Michael just sent us this great video he made during our last week’s trip through the solent. Uuuh, that really was a nice week. I’m gonna watch it again….

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Video Cuxhaven -> Borkum

Today in the morning we arrived in Den Helder (Netherlands) and right now I’m enjoying the fast internet connection of a hotel in the neighbourhood and am uploading a short video of our Trip from Cuxhaven to Borkum.

The trip from Borkum to Den Helder was quite uneventful. There was little to no wind and we had to use the engine a lot. But the night was beautiful – we saw our first dolphins (?) and during the night the waves surrounding the Rancho Relaxo were full of floursescent light. Fantastic !

Just a few moments ago our friends Silke and Dieter stopped next to the Rancho Relaxo and invited us to a BBQ at 19h. Yay !! So we’ll spend the evening discussing the events of the last weeks and planning our trip towards England. There should be favourable winds in the next 2-3 days so actually we probably will not really stop for Amsterdam but head South to Belgium. Well, we’ll see. The weather seems to be full of surprises.

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