Dates and numbers on the last trip

This is a post for the sailing nerds – so to say. I like to look at the numbers and as this was our fastest trip of the last three years it’s even more fun.

Crossing the Landsdowne BankApproaching Brisbane (the distance from the lighthouse to the river entrance is about 40nm)Tacking, tacking, tacking. Against 25knots. *rrr*And under engine up the river - at night.

Ok here comes: From Tanna, around NewCal towards Brisbane we travelled a total of 1238nm and it took us 219 hours to do that. This gives an awesome average speed of 5,70 knots ! Top speed (with a wave pushing from behind) was 9.9kn. The daily logs (24hours from noon to noon) were: 141, 144, 150, 126, 136, 142, 125, 130 and 123nm.

Lovely ripple cloudsA tanker passingInto the wind. Always into the wind...3rd reef

The wind on average came from SE with a force of 5. Minimum of S2 and maximum of S9 (measured: 42 knots). We never met more ships than on this trip. Out on the open ocean we met two fishing vessels, two tankers and one cruise ship. And during the approach to Brisbane we met another six ships. The drive up the river was a whole different story. We that we have stayed on tropical islands for these last years and never saw a real city… now suddenly we have to navigate a river with speed ferries zomming in and out, hundereds of ships anchored everywhere, buoys, moorings, jetties…. a lot of current. And everything is so bright ! And the eyes as well as the skipper who hasn’t slept the last 48 hours are a bit overwhelmed… But everything goes well, we find a nice spot to anchor and sleep the best sleep ever. The one of sailors who arrive in a safe harbour after a rough trip.

Oh. And I’ve got a little video too. It’s a bit boring but sailors might enjoy it anyways…

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3 Responses to Dates and numbers on the last trip

  1. wolfgang says:

    Danke, danke, danke…
    dass ich 3 Minuten komplett abschalten konnte, kurz vor der Arbeit. Hab sogar gemerkt, wie ich am Bürostuhl mit der Suvarov vom Wellenkamm ins -tal geritten bin. Was für ein wahnsinnig schönes Gefühl…. ;-)

    Freu mich zwar, Euch bald in “greifbarer” Nähe zu wissen, aber dennoch werdet Ihr mir, wird mir DAS fehlen – da draußen.

    So, back to reality.

    • dafdaf says:

      Hach. Aber dafuer kann ich dich dann bei ein paar Bier stundenlang mit Seemansgarn versorgen. Ich hab Material fuer viele Stunden. Hehehe.

      lg aus Brisbane, David

  2. Roland says:

    Hi Dafff, nimm’s leicht… Auch bei uns hat der Sommer schon erheblich an Touren zugelegt… Freu mich auf ein paar laue Nächte mit Seemannsgarn und was sonst so dazugehört!… Nebenbei zeigt sich der Attersee auch von seiner netten Seite mit 3 bis 4 Bf…. Bis hoffentlich bald. Letti