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Day 8 towards Australia

A bit rough it was these last hours – or actually days. Now the wind has calmed down and our speed decreased. It’s a lot nicer when the place you live in isn’t shaking and bouncing and banging into the waves every few seconds. And did I mention before: there is more wind coming…
Yesterday the sky was filled with those ‘Cirrus Uncius’ clouds and then at night fall we had a wonderful halo around the moon. Both signs that the weather is about to change. I’m downloading the forcast this moment, let’s see what the grib file says…
We also found a solution to our energy problem: Since we were sailing on the wind all the time, the wind generator was working overtime and even during the night the batteries were at 14.4V, the fridge at 3 degrees, the laptops all charged – where to go with the excess energy ? Loud music is the answer ! Party all the day. Hehehe. (To answer the comments, whether we enjoy our last days out at sea…)

LATITUDE: 24-52.45S, LONGITUDE: 156-39.18E, COURSE: 239T, SPEED: 4.8, WIND: S3, DISTANCE TO DEST.: 218nm

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