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You have to tidy up your room !!

Breakfast with the LosLocos. Despite all the chaos, I still put the video. Hehehe. Enjoy the music ! Bruno rocks. ;-)

Ah ! And in this instant Mr. Freudenstein of the equally named company and he makes my day because he will do the mount for our Cutter-stay ! Yay !!!

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Two more short video clips

Two more completely uneventful short clips from our last trip. Next time, there’ll be action and sound. Promised !

I also wanted to do a little video-tour through the Rancho Relaxo but before that we’d have to eliminate all the chaos here… We’ll see… remind me later…

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Arrived in Flensburg

Another nice ride across the Baltic sea. It always amazes me: there’s wind with a force of 5 and the waves are 1 to 2.5 meters BUT the distance between the waves is less than our ship’s length. This makes sailing in the baltic always quite ‘interesting’. But our ancient windvane was steering well and we had a really nice and fast sail.

We started about 12:30 from Fehmarn and arrived 64nm later at 03h in the morning in Flensburg. Here we try to get a new main sail and improve our rigging – a necessity for the North sea. Well here’s a short clip from our trip:

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Anti-foul !!

Mmmmh. Every boat owner likes it ! Doing anti-fouling once a year. This saturday we spent scraping the old paint from last season off the hull. Niiiiiice work ! Here’s a stop motion video done with our new Go-Pro cam: (to be continued)

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Rancho Relaxo on fire ?!?

Just received horrible news via Email: It seems that there was a catastrophic fire in the shipyard where the Rancho Relaxo currently resides. I do not have much information but it seems that one of the main halls has burned down and so have the ships being inside.

Here are some pics, I found on the internets Pics are made by Andreas Meyer, (C) Berliner Tagesspiegel:

Pics deleted on Request of Mr. Meyer.

The Berliner Morgenpost also has a short Video of the fire:

Update: And a couple of more pictures, found on the webpage of the RBB. As one can see the ship in font of ours as well as the big crane at the waterside, I guess, the Rancho Relaxo is safe. Uff !

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From the Hanseboot

Well, the Hanseboot… Before I went, I didn’t really know what to do there – and yet, somehow it was fun. I once again met with Silke and Dieter, who will start their journey with Tamora around the same time, we’re planning to. We always have a lot to discuss – Watermaker, Solar Panels, what courses to take during the last months… I hope we’ll meet many people as warmhearted and helpful !

Together with Michael I was strolling the exhibition halls talking to sailmakers and looking at shiny new boats.

What else ? There wasn’t much. See for yourself ! ;-)

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Gemuetlich segeln durch’s Stettiner Haff (mit Video)

Vergangenes Wochenende waren wir mit Tala, Wolfgang, Jan und der Rancho Relaxo unterwegs auf dem Stettiner Haff. Zwischenziel: Stettin in Polen. Das war ein verdammt lustiges Wochenende. Eine etwas laengere Beschreibung mit Fotos folgt spaeter. Erst mal ein kurzes Video mit Wolfgang am Steuer, Tala an der Gitarre und Jan im Cockpit liegend ;-)


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Bruno, auf dem Weg zur Kita.

Ja, Bruno faehrt jetzt selbst mit dem Rad zur Kita. Mit Video:

Bruno faehrt mit dem Fahrrad zur Kita

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