Daily Archives: Saturday October 1st, 2011

Setubal, Sines and an African breeze

Running under engine for the second day. Uh, how boring…. For a few hours we had a little wind and set sails, enough for a few photos.

Well. It seems that on thursday next week, there’ll be wind from the right direction and although it’s not really stable and there’s NO wind to the west of Morocco, we’ll probably be off towards the Canaries – finally !!

In the meantime, we made a few miles to the south of Portugal together with the Kira, Roede Orm and Chiloe. In the entrance to Setubal a few breakers surprised us and made our Rancho Relaxo with her 12 tons surf down a few waves. – Strange feeling….  The Ria was not that nice and so we lifted the anchor next morning and used the remaining tide for the exit out to sea. Another 35 miles down to Sines. It’s end of season and the harbours on our way get emptier all the time. We only meet the last sea vagabonds waiting for the crossover to Madeira or the Canaries.

In the meantime the kids are having fun at the beach and I think it’s time to follow…

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