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At the surfers beach and campfire

What a relief. After yesterdays Siam Park desaster we’ve spent today’s afternoon at the beach watching the surfers glide through the waves. Oskar will go there tomorrow at sunrise – he even brought his own surfboard with him. – Sadly I’ll do breakfast with the children so there will not be any spectacular pics of Victor’s father.

The kids were strolling the beach looking for shells, fish and other stuff while their grandparents arrived to have a little fun with them. Later in the evening and back in the marina, we had a nice campfire near (no, not ON) the jetty. The kids fell into the bunks and were asleep only a few minutes later. That’s a sure sign for a good day !

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Siam Park – if you don’t wanna have fun

A little change for once: We wanna visit the big water-fun-park called ‘Siam’.

But somehow those ‘fun parks’ are all quite the same:

At the entrance you loose a lot of money and in front of every main feature you have to queue for endless minutes in the blistering sun – only to be sent back because the kids are too small. It’s 1,1m or 1.25m or sometimes even 1.4m. So there wasn’t much fun for our kids here… But lucky us: they have a little play castle for the smaller kids. The only catch ? You guessed it: No grown ups allowed. And it doen’t mater how much the kids would like or how much they cry. – No. No grownup’s allowed.

Another main attraction is the big wave-pool. But we were immediately sent back with the kids. – “Please don’t have fun here !”

No no no. Today we’ll go to the beach again. The waves are free for everyone and even the kids are allowed to have fun.

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