Peach explosion

POPP !! That is the sound an exploding can of fruit makes. Funny. Just a few days ago we heard that sound twice and afterwards cleaned up the mess that had developed in the bilge. Now – just two days later – again. It seems that our cans that are a mixture of goods from Germany, England, Spain and Panama seem to reach the point where they want to be eaten. So the captain takes on the task, first cleans the bilge and the remaining -still- good cans and afterwards starts eating the old cans of fruits. Better eat them now than loosing them, ey ? Mmmh, peaches from spain…. mmmh, pears from the UK.
Sailing-wise not much is happening. We miss some wind. Since starting from Apataki we got the Blister up but hardly make more than 4 knots. Right now the wind pretty much is dying and we’re hardly moving at all while we still have 120 miles to go. That means at least two more days towards Tahiti. And Gui is already getting nervous as she got a parcel delivered for her ‘poste restante’ and it will be sent back after two weeks. Which *could* be tomorrow – depending on the day it arrived in Papeete.
But the keen eye of the skipper just noticed a slight swell building up from the east. That could mean some wind approaching. Yay !!

An hour later (now that I’m sending this) a front hit and we finally have some wind.

LATITUDE: 16-19.34S, LONGITUDE: 148-02.46W, COURSE: 239T, SPEED: 4.8, WIND: ESE 4, DISTANCE: 114nm

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