Daily Archives: Samstag, der 1. September 2012

Working and swimming…

… – well, we try to combine it. So we cleaned the hull of the Rancho Relaxo and scraped about 10kg of different species of crab from the bottom of our ship. As the stuffing box is leaking slightly, I also cleaned and tested both bilge pumps and installed a water alarm lamp. Yesterday we got the engine running again. – After I found a lost copper fitting that fell underneath the diesel tank about a month ago. I also installed an additional 12l diesel tank above the engine. It has it’s own fuel filter and we can refill it either by jerry can or with a little pump from the main tank.
But we also spent time at the beach, where the kids enjoy the nice gentle waves the swell generates. The beach somehow reminds me of the 12 mile beach on Barbuda – although this one is way shorter. It’s just these waves.

I promise, I’ll write more tomorrow. But we just had such a great dinner that Gui made – indian style with three different dishes and fresh bread – I’m tired.

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