Towards Galapagos – day 10

Slowly we start to like the Pacific. We had a little rough start when going from Panama to Costa Rica. And the first half of this trip also wasn’t pleasent, crossing the doldrums. But now that we’ve been sailing with a completely constant breeze from SSW for the third day in a row, we change our minds. The wind is not strong but steady and this means very little wave action. Two ingredients for really nice sailing. And what we hear from the SY Kira and the SY Thor, the wind is light also on the way towards the Marquesas. As the course is a different one and the wind will mostly be from the stern, this means Blister sailing for us ! I really hope, the wind will stay like that. But anyway, that’s the next trip, I’m thinking about. First we have to get to Galapagos !
No real news from aboard the Rancho Relaxo itself. Everybody now enjoys the ride. The children re-discovered the Asterix collection and listen to music all day. The big ones do pretty much the same but go to sleep earlier, since we have to compensate for the night watches. Right now it looks as if we’d reach our destination in about four days. Yay !

LATITUDE: 01-41.60N, LONGITUDE: 086-44.22W, COURSE: 257T, SPEED: 3.6, WIND: SSW3, DISTANCE TO DEST: 232nm

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