Losing on a tuesday

Loosing on a thuesday filled with purposeful desasters.
Tell her I’m loosing on a tuesday afternoon.

Anger steers me clear of every instict for eloping.
Sometone should mention that I won’t see you again.

Tuesday’s the day I die moping in style but still so lost.
Caught in between the uptown seats destined to fall apart tonight.

I don’t mind the crazy weather, I’m so glad we stay together.
I’m just loosing on a tuesday filled with purposeful desasters.
Tell her I’m loosing on a tuesday afternoon !

(‘Loosing on a tuesday’ written and performed by Adam Green. Listen to it, you might like it !)

Nachtrag zum Blogpost von Gestern: Rechnen kann ich bei der Hitze wohl auch nicht. Aber beim Nachdenken war mir klar, dass mir die Tiefe des Tongagraben nicht 50%, sondern sicher um 100% mehr Angst macht !

LATITUDE: 17°15.27S, LONGITUDE: 168°23.75W, COURSE: 288T, SPEED: 2.7, WIND: E2, TO GO: 330nm

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2 Responses to Losing on a tuesday

  1. Clemens says:

    >> Loosing on a tuesday

    hi dafdaf!

    not to want sound like a smartass here, but as you repeated it so many times: it is “to lose” and “losing”. loose and loosing is something different. (get loose, break loose) german: lose, locker, gegenteil von fest.

    otherwise we especially enjoyed your last 3 posts! :-)

    hugs from austria …
    Sanita, Isabella & Clemens
    (LosNormalos !!)

  2. Susanne Schimpel says:

    Hallo David,
    Tiefe ist doch relativ! Es reichen schon 30cm zum Ertrinken. Immer locker bleiben – denk an euch und ganz liebe Grüße an die grüne Dame!