The engine-less Rancho Relaxo of the Seas

Well, well…. The last diesel filter is gone and we’re still 25 miles away from Golfito. I’ve bypassed the primary filter because the secondary one should still have a little capacity. That should enable us to run the engine for a couple of minutes at least. The last night we spent adrift in front of the coast. Again there was absolutely no wind. We were going up and down along the coast with the tide… Other than that we try to make use of every little wind there is. Sailing with one Beaufort with a steel vessel with 12 tons is a lot of fun – when a jibe takes more than ten minutes, you really wish there would be little more wind. Hehehe. During the morning the ‘wind’ increased dramatically to a whopping force two. We make the best use of that and crawl northwards at a speed of 2.3knots. Hopefully that little breeze stays with us for a couple of hours, I don’t want to spend another night adrift.

LATITUDE: 08-17.99N, LONGITUDE: 083-06.79W, COURSE: 008T, SPEED: 3.2, WIND: S 2

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2 Responses to The engine-less Rancho Relaxo of the Seas

  1. Clemens says:

    I guess there is now way in cleaning up or recycling the filters, is there? Otherwise you’d've done that already. *hehe*

  2. dafdaf says:

    Tjo. Ich hab probiert mit Benzin und Schnellreiniger einen der Filter wieder gaenging zu bekommen, war aber nix zu machen. Der Bakterienschlamm hat alles voellig zugekleistert. Jetzt werden wir mal sehen, ob wir in Golfito neue bekommen. – Und vor allem gibt’s eine grosse Tankreinigung. Uff !