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And now we’re only waiting for the laundry to dry

The roller furler is up and furls again. The new setup needed some special adaptation but now it’s all rock solid and mounted a lot better than before. At night, about an hour after sunset, the wind finally decreased to let us hoist up the Genoa and finally test the whole thing.

The last screw of seventeen. It wants to be drilled out.The old and the new forestayPutting everything back togetgherI removed some extension plates from the backstay

We of course used the winches to get the forestay in place and that was when we realized the winches also need some service. So I took apart and serviced the windlass and both Genoa winches. And as I could see from the hard grease and dirt inside it was quite necessary ! Well that’s for our preparations. Now that the boat is ready, of course we got another delay. This time it’s the laundry. HAhaha. We used the last opportunity to do two loads and hang them in the garden of our friend, J.C. to pick them up dry and nice in the morning. BUT during the night it started raining ! The first real rain in at least two months. Why now ? Why in exactly that night ??? Moorea just won’t let us go….

Lorenz helps us with his dinghy and pulls the forestay to the front of the boat.Getting the new stay in place...Mounted with the new, extended link plates.Setup complete !

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