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Have a good trip, Nubia !

Today in the afternoon, the Nubia with Mike on board left Mindelo. Songlehanded across the Atlantic – wow ! We waved him goodbye and hope to see each other in a few weeks in Barbados !

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Tres Hombres

The other day Bruno told me that pirates entered the bay ! I immediately jumped out of the ship to see a beautiful square rigger enter the marina. We soon after met part of the crew in the marina bar and were invited to have a look of that great sailing vessel.

The by far most fascinating thing about the Tres Hombres is that it’s actually a merchant vessel ! The tree owners decided to revive the old days in which sailing ships would deliver cargo around the world and doing the same now in our modern times. They’ve got no problem to find crew that will help run the ship an deliver mostly ecological goods from here to there. Right now they’ve got rum, chocolate and wine to bring to New York.

The whole ship is full of tradition and smeels of old wood. The engine got replaced by a nice library. So the Tres Hombres is a 100% sailing vessel. Amazing !!

The next stop will be in Barbados and they’ll start monday next week. So we might meet somewhere on the atlantic or on the other side. Let’s see.

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Last days in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde…. We should have arrived a few weeks earlier. This islands are just amazing !! Pleasent climate, friendly people, beautiful women, good food, cheap, no mosquitos, great sailing…. etc etc.

Just great, here ! It’s a shame we’re already about to leave. But first we had a lot of fun with our friends. We’ve spent an evening with the crews of Kira and Hitch-Hike-Heidi in the ClubNautico and afterwards had a party on board the Kira. Today we removed the carpets from the Rancho Relaxo – the barefoot-route doesn’t need them. We’ve also checked out already so from now on we’re actually illegal – but who cares ?

Tonight we’ll move into the anchorage but before that we had a little tour through the marina. Had a nice chat here and there with friends or people we didn’t yet know. We also met the crew of the Tres Hombres who invited us to a tour of their ship. But that’s gonna be in another blog post.

We’re doing everything really slowly and don’t plan too much for our days. Also we’ve decided that we’ll spend a few more days on the neighbour island to be sure that we DON’T make it for new years eve to Barbados. We made that decision to take the possibility of stress from our trip. That way we really enjoy the time on the Atlantic without thinking of the landfall….

Today we were at the local market to get some fresh food. Tomorrow we’ll take water and Diesel and then we’re off towards Sao Antao. There we’ll be tomorrow evening and spend one or two days after which we’re off into the great blue ocean. So here and now will be the last internet for three weeks. Then we’re stuck with shortwave radio and SatPhone. It’s gonna be beautiful. The trade winds are stable and we and the ship are well prepared. Yay !!

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