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Meeting in the Atlantic

After having had contact via VHF for one day and sight-contact for a few hours, we finally met SY Kira. To meet our friends after travelling for 600 miles through the ocean was fantastic. We had big plans but a exchange of gifts was delayed to Barbados because of the swell. – Just minutes before our come toghether a (little) squall hit us. It made us remove the Blister and created too much waves to connect the ships or try any other funny stuff involving dinghies etc.

I’m also proud to announce that the Rancho Relaxo having left the SY Kira in her wake and after catching our SECOND fish (a mackerel again). We consider ourselves in the leading position of the FARC. (Fishing Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) The catch that was about half a meter was marinated in lemon juice, steamed in coconut milk and eaten with basmati rice. A wonderful dinner !

Right now at 5:40 in the morning we’re again sailing under Blister and making little more than 5 knots. The wind is still very weak but (I repeat myself, I know) – we like it that way because we still will arrive in Barbados in time and the journey is soooo much nicer without the constant rocking motion.

Wind: E 3, Sea: 3, little swell from ENE. Course 280 degrees, speed: 4.9 knots. Miles to go: 1362 Position: 16 06.3N and 036 12.5W

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