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Last night on sea and big fish

Last night we sailed with the Blister until after breakfast and despite having very little wind, we still managed to sail 90 miles that previous day. In this moment we’re 85 miles off Sal, the island in the northeast extreme of Cabo Verde. We’re running 235 degrees with six knots (under Genoa and Jib) wo we should arrive tomorrow in the afternoon. Tim and Klaus on the Kira are about 80 miles farther out so they’ll probably arrive the next day. This should give us enough time to prepare a watermelon for their arrival. Plenty of dolphins showed, swarms of flying fish and lots of seabrds showed up today which made us try to catch some fish again. And guess what happened ? We lost our last bait fish !! Again the steel line that attaches to the fishing line was broken ! I think next time, we’ll use the anchor chain to drag our plugs through the water. Hehehe. This or maybe it’s just that the fish we’re catching is just too big. Yeah. That makes sense. – The tuna we ate for lunch came from cans… Besides that it was another beautiful and peaceful day with the kids playing Lego or reading (looking) books. We were lying around in the cockpit talking, reading or just waching the ocean. Unfortunately there’s continous cloudcover that stops us from charging our batteries with the solar panels. But right now the windgenerator is humming along to make sure we’re not running out of power. The nights are getting much warmer and the air is incredibly moist. Everything left outside is soaked an hour after sunset. The reason for that might be the water temperature that raised to a whopping 25.4 degrees. When we left the Canaries it was about 21. Right now I’m looking at the charts of Cabo Verde to see where we’ll be heading after we’ve picked up our friend in Sal. Probably, we’ll make a hop over to Sao Nicolao and Sao Vincente. But we’ll see… First we’ll have to arrive.

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