Summer in the Northsea

We already knew that the Northsea is not like the Mediterranean. But hey – WHERE’S THE SUMMER ?!?!?

If we would be here on our one-week charter trip I would be quite disapointed. But luckily we have a little more time and also the hope that somewhere more southerly we’ll find the sun. Up until now this feels rather like autumn…

But there’s of course something good about our situatuon: First: we’ve washed all our clothes and second: our brand new wind generator ROCKS !!! Yes – we’re not using shore power but rather the strong wind to power our laptops, WLAN, fridge, etc. Our batteries are always full and no neighbour has complained about noise (yet). But the Silentwind is really – well – silent and can be heard only up to about 4Bft. Above that the wind singing in the rigging of the sailboats is louder than our generator.

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