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Picture riddle

What sea going vessel can be seen in this picture ? Tipp: Try to clean your screen if you can’t see anything. Hehehehe

Solution will be posted tomorrow.

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Beginners mistakes

I think it was in the blog of the Spica that that I wrote something like our own story: After waiting a week for the right weather, they put to sea and tried to go westward. The habourmaster didn’t say good trip but ‘see you later’. And they were back, like six hours later… ;-)

Well we tried our luck yesterday and made 25sm to the west but after really heavy thunderstorms and a really rough sea we went back to Borkum. “But didn’t you say you wanted to go through the channels, inland ?” Yes, we did. But we decided otherwise, because: Motoring through the channels is reeeeealy boring. And the way through the channels takes a lot of time. So we’ll wait another day or two and try our luck again in the North sea.

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