Daily Archives: Saturday July 30th, 2011

Yeeeah !! Brighton !

After two months of cruising through autumn and winter – we finally found the summer ! It has hidden out in the south of England, it seems. So we’ve arrived here in one of England’s biggest marinas yesterday at 3 o’clock in the morning. We were quite surprised to find the sun shining into our bedroom in the morning. What an unusual sight ! We haven’t felt her warm nice rays for soo long.

Well we came here for two reasons. First: Bruno and Viola want to visit Lola and Darcey and we want to see their mother Nina. Second: Tomorrow we’ll pick up Michael to come with us for one week along Englands south coast. So hopefully the weather will last for a few days…

Ah. And while cruising to Brighton we crossed the meridian of Greenwitch which means, we are now in The West. And also we made our first 1000 nautical miles. 1050 now since we left Berlin to be precise.

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