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Leaving the Baltic sea

After one month of repairs (ship and human-wise) and a little sailing we’re now leaving the Baltic sea behind us and enter the harsh North sea (tomorrow). We still hope for suitable winds to go quickly towards Amsterdam but right now it looks as if we would have wind in the right direction but waaaay too much of it. Meaning it will start easy during Thursday but will increase towards +7Bft during Wednesday night. And 7Bft are (maybe) ok in the Baltic sea but definately not in the North sea. So we’ll watch the weather report carefully and will make a decision on Tuesday morning.

But enough talk about the weather and the future. Today we had to say goodbye to our good friend Wolfgang who had to leave for Berlin. :-( But he made this wonderful picture of us:

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Finally underway again. Ahhh ! What a great feeling.

So yesterday we started in Flensburg with enough wind to just use the main sail. But it died down quickly and we had to use the engine – while I was on the foredeck preparing our new sail, etc. But we couldn’t use it because despite a really harsh thunderstorm in the evening, we had little to no wind at all and had to sail pretty much the whole trip using the engine…

We arrived late at around 23h in Laboe where Nikola and Markus where already waiting for us. They’re planning to go on a two year trip with their beautiful ship ‘Supermolly’ sometime next year. And as they have two kids who happen to be the same age as ours, there’s a lot to talk about. AND of course we had to celebrate Gui’s birthday – that was yesterday as well.

So in an hour we’ll leave Laboe again to go through the NOK and into the North sea. We should arrive until Thursday midday as this is the time when the wind will change to NE – and that’s a pretty rare event. We’ll see if the low pressure system really will do what we expect it to do…

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