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Dunkerque tomorrow… today we’re in Oostende

The plan was to go a little further but as so often, the weather report was not precise and the wind was SW instead of NW so we just went out to sea and immediately put into the next harbour to the west which was Oostende.

Tomorrow there’s gonna be little to no wind and maybe from a different direction. We’ll see… We might give it another try.

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In Bruges

Today we used for a little excursion via bike. – And I CAN tell you: in Bruges it’s really as nice as people always say. Yes. Although the hordes of tourists and myriads of shops make it feel a little stressful after all those days out on the sea (ha, ha). But THE FOOD ! Waaaah ! Mussels in Beer sauce and Mousse de chocolate and Beer and Wind and…. Uuuuh ! I think I’d like to stay.

Also we should use the beach-tramway for a trip along the coast. It goes all the way from the Netherlands down to France and connects all those cities along the sea. For only 5 Euros one can go and hop on and off as one likes.  – Could – as we will actually put to sea again tomorrow. It will be the last day with a suitable wind and we want to use it for our leg towards Dunkerque in France. From there we’ll cross towards England. An although the trip will be short – roughly 35 seamiles – plenty of shallows and the tide will make it interesting enough.

Also we’ll use the stopover in France to replentish our stores with beautiful french wine, cheese and lots of other goodies. You know – we’ll soon enter the culinary desert and although I’ll survive on Guinnes and baked beans, my family has to bring something so stay alive. Hehehe.

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