A few days in the past – The island Nuku in Tonga

Before leaving Tonga we spent a few more days at a little, lonely island called Nuku. We were already cleared out so we shouldn’t have stayed but it was just too hard to say good bye. See for yourself…. It’s crazy.

Nuku. Our own little island for three days.Not too bad - isn't it ?The perfect little beachBruno having endless fun in the crystal clear water

Haha.My beautiful little princess.A tropic bird.Splash !

The colors are just unbelievable.But still sometimes it's school timeViola concentrated at workFinally we lift up the anchor and set out towards Fiji...

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One Response to A few days in the past – The island Nuku in Tonga

  1. Hitch-Hike-Heidi says:

    Sag mal ist deine Kamera kaputt? o-Godd-o-Godd – sind das noch Farben oder ist das nur Licht? Da tun einem ja die Glotzkorken weh.
    Schoen dass ihr so lustig angekommen seid.
    Wir druecken euch unheimlich!

    Eure Hikers.