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New batteries and water faucets

Today we put the new waterhoses for drinking water, fresh water and salt water underneath the saloon floor. We also installed new water faucets in the galley and connected the new head to the saltwater inlet. There are a few pieces missing but the water installation is 90% complete (not counting the watermaker, that’s another project saved for later).

The first picture shows the top of the batteries with the 300A fuse right on top of it. That’s to get sure nothing bad happens, should the wires somehow break and shortcut. – In the end, all the batteries are in one big metal box. As you can see in the last two pics. – Actually you can’t because all the lead is inside the tank and covered with my wooden ‘boxes’ that hold the batteries in place. Now the only todo left is to connect everything together…

Tomorrow I’ll be in the office to get my tax files in order and sort out other boring paper stuff….

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Getting rid of the water tank

As I said, yesterday Wolfgang and me were removing the water tank. To cut it short: We succeeded !! Here is the water tank that was hidden under the saloon bench. We cut it open to see where it is bolted to the ship. The pictures were taken after about 2-3 hours of work:

We also had to cut the inlets and remove the rest of the saloon bench to get access to all sections where the tank was fixed to the hull. After about 7 hours of work the tank was removed. Yay !!

…and one hour later, the saloon looked like this:

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