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New gadget: LunaWLANnet

Today the newest gadget arrived: The famous LunaWLANnet. So what’s that ? It a gigantic WLAN antenna to be mounted on the top of the mast. It will give us access to the internet whenever there is a marina or hotel with wlan nearby. I just ordered it a few days ago and was amazed when today it arrived in a huge box… The thing is 1.2m long !!
So I unpacked the gigantic antenna and put it out in the garden. Connected the 20m network cable and went inside to connect the power adapter and connect the LAN cable to the computer. The cable that goes to the antenna also delivers the power for the antenna using PoE. So there’s no need for another power cable to put into the mast. VERY convenient !
After all was setup, I open the webbrowser and go to the website of the LunaWLANnet to select the WiFi network of my choice. Done. After three minutes I was online. And most of those three minutes I spent searching for my own network – the list of available access points is amazing in our neighborhood.

Here’s a pic of our new gadget. Our old-school telephone is just for size comparision. Go to lunatronic to get your own antenna.

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