Construction works…

My second day after work means my second day doing renovations on the Rancho Relaxo. The whole ship is a huuuuuuge mess !!

But in the end it’s going somewhere. With professional help the engine room was completely re-wired and is starting to look really good ! I was cutting and pulling out old cables and so I managed to remove about 20kg of unused copper all over the ship. Today I started re-wiring the navigational gear and radios, tomorrow I’ll try to connect the new chart plotter and get it to talk to the radome antenna. If there’s enough time, I’ll also start wiring the shortwave-equipment. I’ll keep you posted.

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One Response to Construction works…

  1. Michael Wnuk says:

    Is it always the same? When I saw that pictures I feel guilty… But that is true life on a boat. Do you think it will ever end?
    Take care. Look forward to the target.