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For Marco

This one is for you, Marco. Hope everything at the factory is running smooth and the high scores on the Arcade keep coming… Greetings from Portugal !!

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The Windvinder

Sometimes you have to do discoveries twice, I guess.

A couple of weeks ago, Micha mentioned a quite crazy project called ‘Windvinder’ on the Ironlady blog. I scanned the page, confirmed the crazyness and forgot about it. Well, yesterday while browsing the TO-Forums, I ran across a witty posting and somehow the user ‘Wipke’ sounded familiar. That’s how I ran into that website the second time. And this time, I stayed and klicked pretty much through all the content there is.

This is really one amazing project. And the website, the style, the pics are first grade. – As is the Windvinder itself. What an unbelievable beautiful vessel ! I hope the followup expedition to catch the Windvinder will be a success. It’s gonna be a good journey anyways (-> Crew wanted !).

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Monolith Action Figure

Versuche ich auch normalerweise, nicht jeden Bloedsinn, den ich im Netz finde, hier weiterzuverteilen, muss ich dennoch heute mal eine Ausnahme machen. Als bekennender Kubrick-Fan und grosser Verehrer des Sci-Fi Genre fand ich diese ‘Actionfigur’ nicht nur lustig, ich hatte Traenen in den Augen, vor lauter Lachen. Hehehe. “It’s full of stars” Die tragik-Komik erschliesst sich natuerlich nur dem eingegleischten Fan, aber so ein guter Inside-Joke hat schon was…

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Woohooo IE8 is gonna be….


See for your self:

IE8 the end of the Internet

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Berlin: Google Cache + Wikipedia :-)

Hahaha ! Timeless :-)

Berlin - Google Cache+Wikipedia_screenshot.png
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Ach ja. Fotos. Mas fotitos ! Viiiiiiele Fotos…

Und gleich noch ein paar weitere raufgeladen:

Neues vom Hausbau und Zuhause, in der Rancho-Relaxo (Prinzessin Viola lernt sitzen)

Dann folgen noch… Bilder von der Biennale in Sevilla und Grenada sowie ein paar weitere Fotos von Elektronikbasteleien. – Die bringen dann spaeter auch Licht in die Sache mit dem kaputten ‘Voltage regulator’ (s.u.).

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Fotos y m

>> >> >>








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9 simple activities to help overcome depression !

Gefunden, beim lesen alter Slashdot Geschichten.

Original stuff from Ben Claassen III

9 simple activities to help overcome depression !

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If you’re doing creative work – use an Apple.

This Anonymous Coward pretty much got it:

“Seriously, why would you want to buy a Mac if you can have Ubuntu, apart from Adobe/Macromedia products?”

Oh, I don’t know, Apple products? Ableton products? Native Instruments products? Steinberg products? Propellorhead products? Corel products? Quartz? Colour matching built right into the drawing engine? A whole slew of audio, video, modeling, graphics, typesetting and printing (as in not your rgb inkjet) and media applications?

“UI looks as funky (if not funkier), more available software, albeit most of it is OSS or free.”

“Looks”. Heh. It’s never been about how the UI looks. The UI is more or less the same as it’s been since System 7. It’s about how the UI _works_, it’s about how the UI acts and feels, it’s about integration, simplicity and slickness. It’s about doing what it does and doing it responsively with a minimal resources. I’ll guarantee you that KDE won’t be nearly responsive on a 233 G3 w/ 192mb ran as Tiger was. Only people who don’t actually use Macs figure that it’s how the UI looks. (and I’ll concede, I think Enlightenment 17, and certain KDE setups are allot prettier, but neither works as NextStep did, and OS X does.) These are the same people who pitch compiz as the greatest thing since the colour monitor, sure it looks pretty, but it in no way boosts functionality, and all it exists for is to look pretty. And lets not forget the CLI, all the power under the hood of a full-out POSIX compliant BSD core, and weather or not you ever actually use the command shell is entirely a matter of preference and choice, and that’s how it *should* be.

“more available software, albeit most of it is OSS or free.”

Again, it’s fairly clear you’ve never actually used a Mac. Fink (apt for Darwin), and DarwinPorts offer the free software. What, you thought the POSIX compliant, BSD core was for show? Ad don’t forget all the wonderful non-free software availible for the platform. How’s that for choice, you get your pick from the best of both worlds.

“The only good thing about Macs is the look of the case, and even THAT is a matter of taste.”

SGI cases were prettier, but I digress. If all you’re doing is checking emails, word processing and some dev work, Ubuntu is fine. But once you get to any level of _serious_ creative work, Macintosh is the only viable option left with the demise of Irix. And let’s not forget the bit about everything working with minimal hassle on the Mac. Ever tried using a graphics tablet as your core pointer in Ubuntu? Or using a KAOS pad? Or just about any higher end, vaguely exotic multimedia hardware, for that matter? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Just as an FWI, I’ve used various Unices for the past 15 years (Irix, Solaris, AIX, Free/Open BSD, Interix, Linux, and Darwin/OSX) Linux for close to 10. But there’s this way of thinking tat doesn’t seem to be too common these days, “using the best tool for the job”. Linux has it’s uses, serious creative work isn’t one of them. It may be good enough for what YOU do, but don’t assume that everyone else’s needs match your own. And for fuck’s sake, if you’re going to criticize something, use it first. You read like one of those pointless Linux distro reviews that bases the whole thing on the install sequence, then offers a generic gnome screenshot, and somehow thinks there’s anything even remotely useful in the article.

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