Brunos third birthday on sea – and we start to move out

More than three years ago when we startet our voyage Bruno was just four years old. His very first birthday at sea we celebrated in Glowe on the german island of Ruegen, together with his best friend Victor. Now, his eight birthday we party in Brisbane, in the winter – but still barefeet and having a nice BBQ in the park.

Birthday cake with lots of berriesIn the parkExcitement !The gang

Together with our neighbours and their kids we have a big feast and only when we hardly can move anymore we start to walk back towards the botanical garden. But we go past it and into the city where the kids get a bag full of tokens and have endless fun at the arcade games. One hour they shout, shoot, steer and are excited without end. Then it’s time for cinema. We watch ‘How to train your dragon 2′ in 3D and of course it’s a huge success. After the cinema it’s only thanks to the endless sugar in their bodies that the kids can still walk back to the boat. It was a wonderful day and everyone falls into a deep sleep only minutes after arriving back at the boat.

at the gamesAnd Pacman also still exists !Moving our householdFirst of three dinghy runs

The Suvarov slowly get’s emptier. We packed nine boxes and filled them with endless books, kitchen stuff and Gui’s enormeous collection of fabrics for coquito. What’s still on bord has to go into our bags and on the plane. But we got an allowance of 120kg and 32kg of cabing luggage on top of that so that should do.

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10 Responses to Brunos third birthday on sea – and we start to move out

  1. Günther says:

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Bruno!

  2. mira says:

    seid ihr am ende eurer reise??

  3. He, herzlichen Glueckwunsch,
    lieber Bruno (alter Seebär!). Es gruessen dich deine alten Feunde:
    Jonne, Line, Steffi und Volker

  4. Felix says:

    Lieber Dafdaf!

    Dh ihr kommt jetzt wieder zurück nach Europa?

    Sag: Mein Serverart geht seit einiger Zeit nicht oder nicht richtig? habt ihr da probleme?


    • dafdaf says:

      Jojo ! Wir sind im Juli in AT und ab August wieder in Berlin zu hause.
      Serverart ? ‘Sollte’(TM) funktionieren. Ich hab selbst noch einen Account, den ich fuer Spam-Emails verwende. Der funktioniert. Aber ich stimme zu, dass ab und ann der ‘server nicht gefunden wird’. Auch wenn’s dann ein paar Minuten spaeter ploetzlich wieder funktioniert.
      Werd’ ich mir mal beizeiten anschauen, was da ist….

      lg, aus Brisbane !

  5. Felix says:

    Melde dich wenn du in Timelkam bist: 0664 88 xx xxxx!
    See you