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Changing winds

Thanks to all our readers who wished us a nice journey, good wind, healthy voyage, etc… it seems the weather decided to be nice to us. The nasty, ugly swell we were stuck in yesterday is gone and although the ripped UV-protection of the genoa won’t repair itself we’re glad the ship isn’t bouncing like a piece of cork in a mountain river anymore. During the night we also did a lot better speedwise and made good progress. And now that I’m looking at the forecast, what do I find instead of that huge flat calm above Tonga ? – A nice little low pressure system giving us the wind we need for the last miles to our next destination. YAY !!!
That grib file (the weather forecast we’re looking at) really made my day. But what is good for us might not be so handy for our friends in Tonga: The SY Panache is in Vava’u with plans to leave in the next days but I guess with contrary wind he might consider otherwise. – And we’re lucky since it raises the chances to meet our friends again and have a beer or two together. :-)

LATITUDE: 16°52.76S, LONGITUDE: 165°51.01W, COURSE: 238T, SPEED: 5.1, WIND: ENE4, TO GO: 477nm

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