In the Pacific – day 25

Uuuuh !!! We did 20 miles in the last 12 hours !!! That’s an incredible average speed of 1.66 knots – one knot more than the current, that’s still pushing us to the west. So instead of the 10-14 knots of wind that was announced in the grib files, we had next to nothing. And of course that means, we’ll spend at least two more nights at sea.

During the day I cleaned the fridge and found five (!!) leaking beer cans. The beer in central america comes in incredibly thin-skinned cans that break when you just look at them firmly. After nearly four weeks of motion in the fridge a lot of them were done for of course. And that made a big mess that I had the pleasure to gt rid of.
I also did a little check on the engine: In the past weeks it was running about three hours to load batteries. Everything fine. Today I tried it with the gear in (with stress so to say) and the engine went out after only three minutes. I again found air in the second fuel filter and (maybe) found the cause: One of the screws for venting the ignition pump had a broken seal. The original copper seal was lost in the depths of the engine room when I was working on it in Galapagos, so I replaced it with one made of rubber. This one was torn and leaking. So I replaced the replacement with a couple of meters of teflon tape and gave it another try: The engine was running without gear for 1.5 hours and with gear for another 10 minutes before I turned it off. Until now it looks good. But we’ll only see if it really works once we’ve been running under engine for an hour or so.

After a few squalls went past us during the late afternoon we now have finally some wind. If it stays like that, we could make it in two days. Yay-woo !!

LATITUDE: 09-46.40S, LONGITUDE: 135-55.78W, COURSE: 224T, SPEED: 3.7, WIND: ENE 2-3, DISTANCE: 167nm

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