Blister-training and rain

22nd day at sea for the crew of the Rancho Relaxo. The weather was quite interesting during the last 48 hours. Yesterday we again had very light wind but a squall it us every couple of hours. That means Blister up, Blister down, Genoa out, Genoa in, Blister up, and repeat…. specially interesting during the night, as one cannot really distinguish a Squall from a big cloud. So we tend to wait until the wind hits and then get the sail down really quick. Despite being quite entertaining, last night we decided to leave the Blister down altogether and sail with the Genoa through the night. This means lower speed but more sleep for the crew.

Today we had rain. Lots of rain – the whole day was gray and wet. But also nice wind coming from ESE, E, ENE, NE and finally NNW. So right now we’re sailing a course on the wind doing incredible 2.3 knots. – The rain front passed and with it the wind. So now we’re waiting until the wind turns back towards a more easterly direction and (hopefully) also increases in force so we can continue our course with bigger, lighter sails.
Other than that, nothing happened here. Everybody is getting a little excited about the nearing landfall…. Only 396 miles to go. WIND ! We need wind !!

LATITUDE: 09-35.19S, LONGITUDE: 132-02.09W, COURSE: 284T, SPEED: 1.6, WIND: NNW 1-2, DISTANCE: 395nm

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  1. Günther says:

    Halts aich zaum, dauert nicht mehr lang!