R – E – L – A – X – O

Leaning back. Taking a deep breath….. RELAX !
Well. What else would we do ? The wind is disappearing. We’re crawling along with a mere 3.5 knots – despite having all sails up. So it’ll take a little longer until we reach the beautiful islands of the Marquesas. Who cares ? We’ve got time, we’ve got food (although some fresh stuff would be fine…) and we’re in good mood. Although some members of the crew behave a little weird lately (too long out at sea maybe ?!?)
Yes, the wind dropped from 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 and now we ended up with a ‘force’ two and glide along without sound under Blister and main sail. The wind also shifted slightly towards ENE and then back to E today, so now we’re running dead in front of the wind. Usually that means a lot of ugly movement but with the sea nearly flat and without waves, we feel pretty much as we would be at anchor.
Yes, yes. The anchor – we are thinking more and more of it. And where we’re gonna put it and when. All while our friends that are ahead of us give us extremely useful information about free vegetables and spices (thanks, Kira), where to hunt for wild boars and with whom (thanks, Papillon) and where to spend our money on french cuisine and ship’s equipment in Papeete (thanks, Thor) ! I just hope it will not take forever until we can try all that out ! – But hey, only 642 more miles to go. Next to nothing !

LATITUDE: 07-55.94S, LONGITUDE: 128-08.82W, COURSE: 255T, SPEED: 3.7, WIND: E 2, DISTANCE: 642nm

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  1. Peter says:

    Die Vorfreude auf den Landfall kann ich mir lebhaft vorstellen :-))