In the Pacific – day 14

Woohooo !! Two weeks we’ve been out at sea, out on the ‘big blue’, our favourite Ocean so far, the pacific one. Hehehe.
Well there isn’t much to write about. Today just looked like yesterday and that day like the one before it. We made fresh bread during the night, including some white, fluffy bread we used for doing Burgers today. Yeeee. We had BURGER in the middle of the ocean. But not real ones – unfortunately. Instead of nice, greasy meat from the barbequeue we had a Mac Tuna(TM). Our friends from the Red Sky Night gave that delicious receipt to us: so instead of the meat we used a mix of canned tuna, egg, lemon, bread crumbles and mustard. As Bruno and Viola like to say: ‘Delicioso !!’
And another big event today: After fourteen days, today we managed to fill up our incredible 5 litre garbage bag. Wow ! If I compare that to the amount of garbage we produced when still living in the city – we probably filled up two of those bags in one day. Well but now, out on sea we also know how to survive with 10 liters of freshwater a day and a 1400baud internet connection – imagine that !
So. Everybody is doing fine, the kids still produce new Lego creations every day, Gui is knitting during the day and doing important business calculations during the night. (Yes, she’s gonna finance our trip back home, but don’t tell her.)
We still have very nice wind, a moderate sea and have the staysail and the main in second reef. We could be slightly faster with bigger sails but as we’ve got plenty of squalls during last night, we’re gonna leave it like it is. – More convenient to not have to worry about putting in a reef or not and we still do more than 120 miles a day anyway. Well, that’s all for now.

LATITUDE: 05-10.33S, LONGITUDE: 118-56.42W, COURSE: 273T, SPEED: 5.0, WIND: ESE4-5, DISTANCE: 1216nm

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