In the Pacific – day 12

It should read ‘night 12′ as the day did not yet pass. But as we’ve had so much happening the day before, I felt like posting to our non-german speaking readers so everyone knows we’re still here and ok.
Yesterday we had a lot of wind and a little rough seas. We put a big hole in our foresail, the big Genoa 2 and replaced it temporarily with the much smaller staysail. Since yesterday afternoon we continously had wind with a force six and gusts with 7, sometimes 8 beaufort. Thus despite running under the smallest sails (the only smaller are the storm sails) we still were doing excellent and had a daily log of fantastic 155 nautical miles !!! That is only TWO miles away from our all time record when crossing from Portugal to the Canary Islands a year ago.
During the night we didn’t get too much sleep as the ship’s motion with those waves is rather ugly but still everyone is happy after a good breakfast. And while Gui went to rest for a while, the kids are building things with LEGO and me – well I’m writing.
The wind should stay at around 20-25 knots during the next days which is a force 5 to 6. So we’ll continue with our current sails (small staysail and main in 3rd reef). Once we get into lighter winds, we’ll replace the torn Genoa 2 against the smaller Genoa 3. Oh, and tonight we’ll have ‘Bergfest’ as we will have done half the distance to the Marquesas. Yay !!!

Update at 0245h: Couldn’t send that email earlier as it wa impossible to get a connection to our ‘mailservers’. So we had a fast day with big waves and right now we’re preparing a Lasagne to celebrate the middle of the Pacific. The wind is slightly less now.

All downhill from here !

LATITUDE: 04-33.19S, LONGITUDE: 114-46.58W, COURSE: 274T, SPEED: 5.9, WIND: ESE 5, DISTANCE: 1466nm

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2 Responses to In the Pacific – day 12

  1. Hans says:

    Hallo liebe Seglerfamilie!
    Ihr seid sooo toll unterwegs, trotz gerissener Genua ! Es ist eine Freude, das mitzuerleben. (Auch für unsere Freunde Angelika und Josef aus V’bruck, welche euch diese Zeilen übermitteln !)
    Lieber David und Familie,
    damit ihr wisst, mit wem ihr es zu tun habt: Ich bin der, dem du die Route deiner Eltern auf der Reise in den Norden weitergeschickt hast.
    Von Anfang an verfolgen wir (meine Frau und ich) eure Reise und sind sehr daran interessiert, wie es euch geht!
    Oft erhalten wir zusätzliche Informationen von Eva und Hans!
    Wie wünschen euch weiterhin alles Gute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße
    Angelika und Josef

  2. Günther says:

    Nachdems jetz nur noch bergab geht soll sich aber ein 160er auch ausgehen :)

    Aber vorher mal eine Ruhephase einlagen. Genua schon wieder geflickt?