In the Pacific Ocean – day 9

Our 9th day at sea and we’ve covered one third of the way to the Marquesas ! In front of us a mere 1900 miles, about the distance of our Atlantic crossing from Cabo Verde to Barbados. And right now we’re really more than happy with our progress. Yesterday we again had a daily log of 150 miles which is very fast for our 36 foot vessel. If we continue with the same speed, we might be there in two weeks already. Yeah. Already thinking of the landfall, hehehe. Well, well. What else would we do ? Read, make music, listen to music, watch movies, fish, eat… OOOH ! Something really important happened yesterday: Bruno really started reading small print !! He is very happy and so are we ! Especially as he officially would have to start school in a few weeks in Germany. Homeschooling FTW !!
What else has happened ? Not much, as always. Gui had a conversation with a freighter that passed during the night. It was coming from New Zealand and going through the Panama Canal towards Spain, then Italy. It’ll arrive in mid August. Feels wrong somehow: the freighter doesn’t care about wind or seansons. He just goes where he has to go with his cargo and keeps pushing against the tradewind going 16 knots.

LATITUDE: 03-08.73S, LONGITUDE: 107-37.97W, COURSE: 265T, SPEED: 6.1, WIND: SSE4-5, DISTANCE: 1902nm

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2 Responses to In the Pacific Ocean – day 9

  1. Eva & Hans says:

    hallo seglerfamilie, senden euch ganz, ganz liebe grüße !!!
    zu hause alles bestens, der kukuruz ist jetzt 2m hoch – denken oft daran, welchen
    spaß bruno beim verstecken darin hatte. oma, opa.
    bravo bruno, lerne weiter so !

  2. Günther says:

    Jawohl 6,25 Knoten Durchschnitt – weiter so!