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Slowing down again

Ok, ok. That was waaay too much flattering for the Pacific Ocean ! Only a few minutes after sending the previous blog post, the wind went from force 5 to force 3 while of course the swell from the SE stayed the same. So we had nice rocking motion and flapping sails during most of the night. BUT even with that decreased speed we still managed to have a daily log of fantastic 152 miles which is one of the best we ever did with our little vessel.
During all the day the wind varied in between force 4 and force 2. But we’re moving forward and in a good direction. During the night we had a little rain, it was mostly overcast and so was the day.
On bord pretty nothing happened. Everbody is in good mood and does something to keep himself or the others busy. I managed to miss the Pacific net yesterday and we still didn’t hear anything from the SY Red Sky Night – whether they already started towards the Marquesas or not…

LATITUDE: 02-48.25S, LONGITUDE: 103-07.76W, COURSE: 252T, SPEED: 3.7, WIND: SE2-3, DISTANCE: 2168nm

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