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The two sides paradise

After a night at El Porvenir we received notice from the SY Thor and immediately got up the anchor to meet them at the Cayos Holandes. Here we anchor between two islands with a view out to the open sea. The two islands to the sides are covered with palm trees and mangroves, the water is clear and full of coral and colorful fish. Currently there are six sailboats at the anchorage and besides a visit or two of Kuna fishermen we’re quite out of touch with civilisation. The islands are uninhabited and we walked around the more westerly one in about one hour. All around the island the beaches are nice and the water is full of life. But on the windward side one can see the manifestation of western civilisation: Tons of plastic ! Everywhere there are bottles, shoes and pieces of all kind of plastic. I guess should mankind sometime disappear from the surface of the earth, the remainder will be thousands of flipflops on the most beautiful beaches of the world. It’s really sad to see all that waste here. But the Kuna have no possibility to get rid of the trash and so all that the ocean leaves on the beaches will stay there. But besides that, everything is wonderful here. We have a great time with Christine and Christian from the Thor and yesterday we received an email from the SY Kira and the SY Tamora that both of them are now underway towards San Blas, they should arrive sometime tomorrow. Yesterday Bruno and me took the sailing dinghy for a ride and went three islands to the southeast and back again. Really beautiful to be underway with no engine and being able to watch the amazing islands in all their quietness. Today we made BIG cleaning on board the Rancho Relaxo: we got all our food out of the lockers and the bilge and cleaned everything to get rid of small bugs that inhabited some loose flour and a package of muesli during the last few days. We hope that now we’ve eliminated all the animals aboard and also we now know how much food we still got left. Good stuff.

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