Crossing the Caribbean Sea, day 6

72 miles to go ! Yay ! So this will be our last night on sea in the Atlantic ocean, it seems. Just before sunset, we shifted the Genoa to the port side as we’ve now got wind from the north. The day has been pleasent and the seas and wind quite steady. No blister today as we have to time our landfall to be during the day and with the genoa and an average speed of five knots, we should arrive around noon on wednesday. As always… not much has happened. We’ve got a couple of flying fish on deck in the morning and the kids collect and inspect them before throwing them back into the sea. Oh, one really stupid thing happened: The dinghy (our deflatable) was stored on deck (inflated) and somehow was placed on top of a sharp thingie on the staysail-rail. After five days of little movement, it tore a hole. So tomorrow we’ll have to repair it. Mmh. Not sure, if there’s enough time for the glue, we might take Bruno’s Pinguin for our landfall. Actually the new dinghy will come in handy here in Kuna Yala in a couple of ways. But most importantly, we can use it to sail (and row) up the rivers of the mainland. The Kuna get their drinking water out of the rivers and do not allow dinghies with engines to go there. But we can. Yay ! And I read there are lots of monkeys in the forests, so we’ll definately set out with it for a jungle tour. Well, well. I’m writing about the future… I’m looking forward for the landfall, that might be the reason. Well. No I don’t know what more to write, so I’ll end with the usual data bar…

LATITUDE: 10-12.05N LONGITUDE: 077-52.93W COURSE: 236T SPEED: 5.3 WIND: N4-5

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