Big shopping day

I always loved the pictures of ship’s decks before starting a big trip; when everything is covered with groceries. Well today we also received most of our refreshments for the next two months. Missing are only the fruits and vegetables that we’ll buy tomorrow at the market.

I also always wondered: Where are those yachties storing all that food ? – And today we also were confronted with that problem. We were running out of storage space and had to use a bed in the aft cabin to temporarily keep muesli, powdered milk, etc.

And finally a warning to our readers out there: We bought this lovely looking coffee with a nice sailboat on it’s cover. – It’s UNDRINKABLE !! Do yourself a favor and buy another brand.

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One Response to Big shopping day

  1. Christine says:

    Hallo Ranchos!!!
    Wann geht’s los bei euch? :-) Sind euch wieder auf den Fersen…. morgen Fuerteventura, dann Gran Canaria…. macht ihr einen Zwischenstopp auf den Kapverden? Haben die erste große Einkaufstour auch schon hinter uns, aber es fehlen noch die frischen Sachen. Wollen vor Weihnachten über den großen Teich. Direkt von Teneriffa nach Martinique. Was ist eure erste Insel in der Karibik? Vielleicht treffen wir uns wieder mal? :-)
    LG und gute Fahrt
    Christine und Christian