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Interesting Boats

Instead of writing about our ship’s ToDo list and the advancements made on our little projects, I’ll rather show you a few pictures of some nice (and big) sailing yachts that were in port today:

The Cinderella IV is quita a nice little boat. The on board dinghy (!!) has an 115hp engine – which is roughly three times the power of our own ship’s inboard Mercedes. Heh. She’s 128 feet long – that’s nearly 40 meters but has accomodation only for eight ‘guests’ and five crew. So I guess, you have plenty of room on board. A funny little detail: She pulled up at the gas station and before filling up their tanks, the skipper was requesting a sample of the fuel in a crystal glass to look at. When they got onboard the fuel hose, they put snow white towels over every part of the ship that could get in contact and while three people pulled the hose across the deck, one was continously cleaning it !

More beautiful because of her classic design is the yacht ‘Signe‘ with her 115ft (35m). And the ship doesn’t only look classic but despite her rather young age of only 21 years it’s actually made out of wood – which is not so common nowadays. A real beauty. I would have shot a few more detailed pictures but they left the anchorage today.

Then ther was that bright orange colored boat: The rescue vessel ‘Salvamar Nunki’. Thanks to Gui’s efforts we managed to get a guided tour by the Captain of the vessel. Of course the kids wanted to know EVERYTHING and – were shown everything. From the winches to the crew’s quarters, the engine room and of course the cockpit with all it’s electronic gadgets. Quite fascinating ! A few details about the ship: it’s maximum speed is 36 knots and it’s not driven by propellers but by jet propulsion (like a gigantic jet-ski). The draft of this 21m ship is only 80cm – so it can go quite close to the beach. Nice !

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