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In the news…

The weekend edition of the german newspapers ‘Die Welt‘ and ‘Berliner Morgenpost‘ both featured (a quite similar) article about the LosLocos and the planned journey that should start this summer.

A really nice article – unfortunately only in German. But here it is anyway:

Artikel der Berliner Morgenpost als PDF

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Back from Argentina

One busy week ago, I came back from my last holiday. Three weeks in Argentina, while Gui, Bruno and Viola will stay there until the end of February. The last winter, the last holiday, the last stupid security check at airports…

Well, we had the most wonderful time in Argentina. Nice meat, saucages, cheese from the Barrilla, many hours in the pool, lots of nature and silence. Beautiful nights with a sky full of starts. During the day Campari Soda, building an Arcade Joystick for Gioco, Building little ships out of bamboo, etc.

Now that I’m back in Berlin and alone (until now), I’ll fokus on getting back into the Amateur Radio materials, reading some more books and updating this website. Some pics – the rest will be in the Gallery soon:

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Relaxo: Rancho R. is fine !

Our good friend Michael had time to travel out of Berlin to the Marina Lanke to look for our ship. And there she is, the Rancho Relaxo. Just a couple of meters away from the burned-out buildings, but without a scratch.

And thanks to the fortunate wind, there doesn’t even seem to be any dirt from the fire on the ship. I guess, this time we’ve been really lucky !

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Rancho Relaxo on fire ?!?

Just received horrible news via Email: It seems that there was a catastrophic fire in the shipyard where the Rancho Relaxo currently resides. I do not have much information but it seems that one of the main halls has burned down and so have the ships being inside.

Here are some pics, I found on the internets Pics are made by Andreas Meyer, (C) Berliner Tagesspiegel:

Pics deleted on Request of Mr. Meyer.

The Berliner Morgenpost also has a short Video of the fire:

Update: And a couple of more pictures, found on the webpage of the RBB. As one can see the ship in font of ours as well as the big crane at the waterside, I guess, the Rancho Relaxo is safe. Uff !

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Sailing during the wintertime

So what am I supposed to write about when Berlin is like frozen hell, lakes are covered with ice and the air is -18C ?

Well, we’re still doing preparations. I’m on the way of getting my Amateur Radio License and when I’m not reading sailing books, I try to improve the webpage or we’re doing journey planning. Speaking of. Here’s a temporary link to our planned route. Later on I’ll link the finished page somewhere on the top of our site here. Beware: all dates and coordinates are still subject to change and of course, everything more than one year ahead is pure speculation… And as I’ve said before: Maybe we don’t have the guts to sail through the Gulf of Biscay, we’re back in Berlin before the year ends… ;-)

Oh and btw: A happy new year to all readers !

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