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Pinguin – our new sailing dinghy

A final breakfast with five kids and then we’ll have some fun: Today we’ve finally got a little wind and we can test our new sailing dinghy !!

As soon as the Nutella buns are swallowed, Bruno and Martín are up in the cockpit with their life vests on. And faster than me they climb down into Pinguin, Bruno’s new dinghy, to look for the best place to be seated. We have a light breeze and because the Simpsons Bay is nearly completely seperated from the sea we have no waves. Perfect test conditions.

Usually the Walker Bay 8 comes with an inflatable tube on the sides to give it more stability. But it’s absurdly high priced and we found an alternative by mounting small fenders all around. Works just as well and gives it a little self-made touch.

The children and the skipper were both thrilled ! The dinghy handles very well under sail and is quite fast even with very little wind. There’s enough room for me and three kids. We’ll see how we do with two grown ups – but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Another plus is that the new dinghy has the perfect size to be lifted into the Davits on the back of the Rancho Relaxo. Our inflatable was both too big and too heavy and thus we had to put it on the foredeck while sailing.  Also new for us: the Pinguin is perfect for rowing ! I was going into town and out a couple of times during the last days and even human-powered, our little friend is quite fast. And my back is very thankful for the new exercise.

But the BEST ? We don’t have to burn fuel if we want to go to town anymore. Also it’s way more stylish to leave the sailboat with a sailing dinghy – isn’t it ?

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Entries may belong to many folders

Just like in iTunes with your music and iPhoto with your pictures, in Journler your entries may be placed in more than one folder. When you drag an entry to a folder the entry is not moved to the folder. Instead, the entry is added to it. In a sense folders don’t have any real existence. They are simply a way for you to group your entries, with the entries potentially belonging to more than one group.

For more information about folders have a look at the Folders Help page.

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