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A weekend of Peng!, Vulcan Venture and Scramble

Friday night I got the new controls (buttons, joysticks, etc.) for my Arcade cabinet. And just in time – thanks to the really nice owner of !!
I didn’t yet build the new wood panel for the control panel, so I used some old piece of art(1), I found in our cellar and tried my first layout of joysticks and buttons to give it a little testrun. The panel doesn’t really fit right – as I cut it in quite a hurry, but it made the first really cold weekend a nice one. And playing with two joysticks can be quite some fun (Tala and Gui would agree, I guess).

Mame Cab - first prototype setup with temporary control panel

1) I can’t find a picture of it right now, but it had a huge white ’6′ painted on it. People from Berlin will now what I mean…

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Project started: Mame

After searching the Intarweb for nearly two months I finally decided to buy an old Zaccaria cab. The plan is to put in two new joysticks and lots of buttons, a cheap pc system that can boot off an usb stick, and maybe an iPaq. I’m gonna order the parts right now and hopefully I can start working on the project next weekend. Yay !! Cold winter nights, I’m happily waiting for you !

Zaccaria CabZaccaria Cab - side viewZaccaria Cab - side view 2

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The *essential* newspaper !

Generate tag cloud from slashdot (or other) news source, include pictures in relevant size and create a live, newspaper-like layout as clickable HTML page, downloadable as PDF, possibility to get by email.
Possible add-ons for later:

  • Do something with comments (letters section – in the same edition: better than in the real newspaper)
  • TV-Program: source: digg or youtube
  • Gossip
  • Music (tonspion or other site with mp3s found free on the net)
  • Editorial (sources, stats, subscribers, etc.)
  • Sports ? Nah.
  • Cartoon, Sudoku, Crossword
  • Customization by user
  • ???
  • Profit !!!

Alternate titles ? Anyone ?

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Best 404-page ever !

I don’t remember where I found this. But it’s one of the most funny 404 pages up on the net. I like it especially for it’s subtleness. I really had to look twice.

Peugeot 404

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Stupid Helpdesk

Mal sehen wie ein Posting mit einem kleinen Bild aussieht.

Wie gross. – Wie, wenn man draufklickt ?

Helpdesk Warning

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