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Risør – Mebø – Farsund

It was a good choice to wait that one day in Risør. – Yesterday we then had perfect conditions. Our sail down towards Kristiansand probably was the fastest I ever had. Not in the beginning though, when we thought the promised northerly wind wouldn’t come, but then it did ! First with a good 5 Bft and in the end, the last 10 miles or so it was blowing with up to 30 knots. This and having the current with us resulted in an average speed of >8 knots and sometimes two digits when we were surfing down the waves. Oh what fun !


We decided not to go too far into the islands and chose a little island southwest of Kristiansand for the night. We found an empty mooring, asked, and were allowed to use it for the night. It was a long and super exciting sail and when I lay down and hear some raindrops falling, I fell asleep instantly.


Again we awoke to a blue sky … and the sound of children jumping into the water. (brrr) We had breakfast and left just to find ourselfes in fog as soon as we exit the anchorage. Going through the skerrys in foggy conditions is quite eerie. But after two weeks of sailing through narrow gaps in between rocky islands we’re not getting too nervous anymore.


After passing the southernmost point of Norway, we arrive in Farsund and tie up on the guest bridge. The small town is a little marvel like most we visited the last week. But the real stunner we only see when going up a little hill: There is a fjord hidden in the back, all covered in thick, lush green ! Beautiful.

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