From Fiji to Vanuatu

So that now was our second to last trip with the Suvarov, ey ? It was a nice one, I have to admit. For the first time in a year we had pleasant, nearly perfect wind on that journey. And although the swell made the ride a bit bumpy in the beginning, we did quite well. We logged 131, 126, 122 and 127 nautical miles daily and the whole trip of 545nm took us just a bit more than 100 hours.

Ein letzter Blick zurueck auf die Inseln von FijiWir suchen uns eine Oeffnung und verlassen die LaguneKraeftiger Schwell sorgt fuer Kreuzsee, aber auch fuer traumhafte Wellen im Surfer-Paradies Fiji.Bruno and Viola planen ihr zukuenftiges Zimmer in Berlin

We also were quite lucky: we arrived in Port Vila at night but with good weather. The next day it started to rain heavily (we topped up the water tank in less than one hour !) and we had wind quite above 30 knots. Good timing !

So it seems we’re stuck in Port Vila for a few days since our next trip to Tanna is against the wind and I don’t want to head out into rough seas…

Die Kinder verwandeln den Salon in einen Spielplatz......und machen riesen Chaos. - Als ob bei dem Seegang nicht schon genur in der Gegend rumfliegt !Die Windsteuerung hab ich auch mittlerweile gut im Griff und sie steuert nahezu perfekt.Und das neu lackierte Deck ist mir eine echte Freude !

But right now I’m still waiting for the quarantine officer to come on board. It seems he’s busy with the cruise ship that entered that morning and keeps us waiting. Gui and the kids are on land, visiting the immigration office and later the Australian Embassy fur Gui’s visa.

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4 Responses to From Fiji to Vanuatu

  1. Günther says:

    Super Speed, Dave! Viele Endeckungen an diesen interessanten Eck der Welt!

  2. Hans says:

    “Second last trip” sounds very finally.
    Will you continue the blog when arriving in Berlin?

    Have fun in Vanuatu!

    • dafdaf says:

      Yeah. The remaining time is getting very short. And instead of enjoying it, we have to focus on selling the boat, visum, getting our stuff into (stupid quarantine regulations) and then out of Australia (baggage limits). It’s gonna be exciting to see how much we can fit into the airplane luggage and how we’ll be able to ship the rest…
      The blog ? Well I guess in the beginning we’ll definately keep on posting as we settle back into the ‘normal life’. But I don’t know if I’ll be running it forever. We’ll see.

      Cheers from Port Vila, David

  3. Hans says:

    Posting from your “normal life” then would be great and interesting!!

    I did a small research in your archives:
    - the accident was oct. 2012 – already 1 1/2 year ago!
    - april 2012 you were in Panama
    - july 2011 you visited brighton – the time when I joined the blog of your beatiful journey nearly 3 years ago – wow!!