From Tonga towards Fiji, day 1

At last we could tear ourselfes away from the island of Nuku. Our little paradise, about 150m in diameter with 200m of gorgeous white beach.
Now again, we’re out on sea and although I’m quite angry with the windsteering, we’re doing well. I don’t know what’s wrong – I spent the last hours trying to figure it out but the windsteering (again) won’t work properly. At least it steers in one direction – so I can ‘unbalance’ the steering to starbord and it holds the course a bit. Every 5 to 10 minutes I have to manually interfere as 50% of the steering-power isn’t enough. Damn !! I really wish we could have a journey where everything works for once….
The weather is as predicted, the wind light and we’re a bit slow. But we should be able to reach Fiji in about four days. If the wind direction shifts to the east and the wind stays light, I might try the spinnakker, I bought in Tonga for 400USD.
The kids are asleep as is the capitana – again she was seasick today. *rrr* Hope it’s better tomorrow.

LATITUDE: 18°17.09S, LONGITUDE: 174°48.14W, COURSE: 308T, SPEED: 4.7, WIND: E3-4, TO GO: 351nm

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