Towards Galapagos – day 12

Another day passes… we really couldn’t care less. Time looses it’s proportions when you’re out at sea for a while. We had lovely sailing today: The wind freshened up to a steady force 5 and we put a reef in both the main sail and the genoa. The day was sunny and right now we got a bright starry night with a big near-full moon.
Of course the 12th day of this journey was all about crossing the Aequator which is a really big thing – to be on the southern part of the planet. Now after sailing for more than one year, we’re getting closer to what seems to be most of the sailor’s dream: the southern Pacific Ocean.
Tomorrow somewhere at noon or so we should arrive at San Christobal in the Archipelago de Colon (Galapagos Islands). Got about 50 more miles to cover, that’ll take not much more than one night – given the wind stays as it is. We’re still sailing close hauled of course, been doing so all 12 days. And we get accustomed to it ! Something I always thought is impossible or that only slightly masochistic people would be able to do. But – hey – compared to the rolling motion in the trades, here we got a constant angle. It’s quite steady at 20-30 degrees. Makes moving around a little difficult but at least, the pot stays where you put it.

LATITUDE: 00-17.32S, LONGITUDE: 089-08.21W, COURSE: 223T, SPEED: 4.8, WIND: S5, DISTANCE TO DEST: 46nm

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