Towards Galapagos – day 8.

We’ve been tacking against the wind now for EIGHT FULL DAYS ! We’ve got enough ! We’re the Rancho Relaxo – we don’t like this kind of sailing. We want a smooth ride with a breeze from the back. Not going against the wind and living in a home with a floor that’s 30 degrees out of the horizontal !
To get into a better mood, I downloaded the latest weather info. We should still have west-wind, force 4-5. Hehehehe. Right now we’ve got wind from SSW, force 3 and it’s been the first time that we could set a course that will bring us to Galapagos ! Much of this has to do that we’ve been sailing southwards despite unpleasent conditions. But my idea was to get out of the counter-aequatorial current as fast as possible to be able to go westwards – and it seems it worked ! We’ve left the current about 20 hours ago and since then kept sailing towards our destination. Finally the distance to Galapagos has been shrinking for real ! We also didn’t use the engine today, which is a primer on this trip.
So actually it was quite a good day after all… Hehehe. Oh and thanks for the info about ‘Lonesome George’ – who died yesterday. Really sad story. To be the only surviving member of a species for so many years. That is real lonelyness ! Maybe he’ll find more of his kind whereever he’s going right now. It’ll probably not be turtle-heaven, since everyone knows: Our planet is actually carried by a turtle ! (And this turtle – what is it standing on ?!? Very clever question… But see, it’s turtles all the way down !) Hehehe. Probably doesn’t make ANY sense to you. But I read this funny story a long time ago and just had to think about it. Just Google ‘Turtles all the way down’ or something…

LATITUDE: 02-38.81N, LONGITUDE: 084-32.41W, COURSE: 241T, SPEED: 3.2, WIND: SSW3, DISTANCE TO DEST: 371nm

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