Off we are towards Galapagos

Ready to go. We finally were able to clear out and do all the paperwork. We got about 20 kilos of fresh fruits and vegetables, the kids had a final ice cream and now that the the tide is turning, it’s time for us to get going.

We’ll try to get rid of the green stuff that started growing around the Rancho Relaxo during the last weeks so we’ll maybe be a little faster. The wind will not be *that* bad. It seems we’ll have a force 3 from west for the first days. That way we’ll go south as far as possible and then head west for the islands. Well, we’ll see…. We’ll keep you informed.

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2 Responses to Off we are towards Galapagos

  1. fa says:

    Have a nice & safe trip to Galapagos !

  2. Max says:

    FYI. Webseite war ein paar Tage offline. Jetzt ist wieder alles da.
    Grüße aus Berlin