Made it ! – Landfall in Golfito, Costa Rica

This definately was the most difficult and crazy trip we’ve made so far. Ok, ok. We knew, that there will be not much wind along the coast towards Costa Rica. But we also didn’t expect that exactly here and now the fuel in our tank would turn into grease and clog all our filters. We’ve arrived… but how ?

After spending another night adrift just outside of the bay of Golfito, the wind picked up in the morning. We sailed towards our destination slowly but steadily. While entering the golf, the wind shifted to southwest and we got the Blister up to increase speed. The tide was still with us and kept pushing with 1.5 knots from behind – but soon it would turn around and we would sail backward.

Both wind and current stayed with us right up to the entrance of Golfito – and exactly here the tide turned and the wind died. We were pushed outwards, back into the golf again. What to do ? Well, get the dinghy and outboard into the water and try to pull the Rancho Relaxo into the bay. But this was way harder than imagined. With the small dinghy and a four (!) hoursepower engine, we only made 0.4 knots. Two fishermen in a bigger dinghy were close by and we asked them for help. Two minutes later we were underway, doing two knots and feeling safe again.

Dorian and Heiner turned out to be not only helpful but absolutely amazing guys ! After pulling our 12 ton vessel for half an hour, they refused to take any money and only wanted fuel for the outboard. And after staying and chatting for a while, they even gave a big bag of camarones and a few fish for us !! Now that’s a lovely welcome, isn’t it ?

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