Day two, crossing the Caribbean Sea

Yesterday I started lamenting about being land-blocked for too long, I’ll continue from there. Hehehe. So we’ve got our sealegs alright. But the thing is: The laziest crew of the world is more sleepy than usual ! It must be in connection with us not sailing for so long. But really – everybody is just lying around. Ok, the kids looked books and made a few drawings and of course we do all the necessary stuff like cooking, blogging, going to the toilet… But otherwise than that the only thing I started was to build a new drain plug for the dinghy out of a piece of wooed. And that I only did because I was just too bored. We look forward to the point when the energy comes back. Until then, well – we’ll be here waiting. Where else should we go ? 550 miles lie ahead of us and about 250 we’ve covered. No fish yet and no sail changes yet. Actually the only thing we did (sailing – wise that is) was to adjust the windsteering – twice. That’s it for the last 48 hours. But as the wind decreased slightly during the last hours, tomorrow might be a good time to get the Blister out to make some speed.


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2 Responses to Day two, crossing the Caribbean Sea

  1. reptilex says:

    You are becoming the rancho too relaxo of the seas :-D

    And here in Berlin the spring has fully arrived with beautiful
    days to barbecue!

    Muchísimos saludos a todos los too relaxos!!

  2. Günther says:

    Sail fast, sail safe!